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  These are products that I sell in my shop that can help you with some of the issues that can happen with wigs. These are readily available on the internet and I will explain why each product can be a benefit for you to consider. Please contact me to learn more about these products.


This product is a liner for wigs. Its inventor is a young woman with alopecia who participates in triathlons. Wigs can be very hot and cause perspiration which in turn causes all sorts of other problems. The liners are very soft, and are made of 6 layers of moisture wicking material. Wigs do not get dirty from outside influences as a rule. It is the perspiration, scalp debris, and oil that will make a wig feel soiled. Because the liners are inexpensive and disposable, having a fresh feeling wig is as simple as removing and replacing the liner. Please note this product is not a replacement for washing your wig. However, using this product can prolong your wig wearing before it does become necessary to wash the hairpiece.

   Synthetic wig care kits 

Human hair wigs can certainly be washed and conditioned with good quality, color safe haircare products. Synthetic wigs are a completely different situation. We wash hair with warm water and slight friction. Synthetic hairpieces are soaked in cold water, without any friction, with products that are designed for that purpose. They have their own conditioners and a product that hydrates the synthetic fiber. Using the right products protects and prolongs the life of any synthetic hairpiece dramatically. In my shop I sell such a kit for around $60. That also includes a stand and very wide tooth comb which is the perfect way to style a hairpiece with no damage.

   The Hairgrip

This long strip band of Velcro goes around your hairline and holds wigs firmly to your head. Because heads are often shaped slightly differently that the wig itself, this product makes the wig feel secure for all your regular daily activities.  

   Sleep Caps

Sleeping without hair can cause an interrupted sleep pattern. To avoid pulling a hat on and off all night, I recommend using a bamboo sleep cap for your comfort. Bamboo is a thermal insulator. The material is incredibly soft and will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer as well as serve as a perfect underlayment for hats. It dries quickly and sells for approximately $40.   

   Cold Caps

Cold caps are an option that I wanted to make available to you as a possible solution for saving your hair. Although relatively new in this country, cold caps have been successfully used in Europe for the past 15 years. If you’re interested in trying cold caps, talk to your doctor about all the factors that need to be taken into account, including your chemotherapy regimen and any other health issues you may have.

   What can I expect with online shopping for wigs?

Prices can vary from wigs purchased on-line from those purchased in a salon. Online wigs will be shipped directly to your house. It is important that you understand the online store policy as you will want to be able to return it if different from what you had expected. All wigs look better when they have been thinned and sculpted to fit your face. I offer that service as well and will be happy to do that for you.