Wig Design by Barbara Cameron

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   Perrin’s Skin Care

Every skin care line that I have ever used gave momentary moisture but really didn’t change my skin. My skin never felt truly hydrated. I guarantee you that this line is different. It is completely natural and will even remove moles, skin cancers and dark spots, modestly priced. I truly believe that it is the very best moisture and skin care product available at any price. I carry it at the salon and will be happy to give you a sample so that you can see for yourself.

   Sanitation information 

As an educator in the leading cancer society program I created a handout for the women in my class. It outlines how to correctly sanitize your manicure implements yourself. It gives you industry standards on the life of cosmetics and how to avoid any contamination in your products. I have copies at the salon and would be more than happy to give you a copy.

   Creating a hair sample

Every hair color has so many variations in tone that having hair samples makes it easy to match your hair color. You will want to make 2 or 3 samples so that even if you lose one, you have a back-up. Cut several small (1/4 inch pieces) and lay them on a solid surface such as a mirror or countertop. Light a candle and drip wax at the cut end of each sample. Within 30 seconds the wax will start to harden. Squeeze the wax end and roll between your fingers. You have just made a hair sample.

   What can I expect with online shopping for wigs?

Prices can vary from wigs purchased on-line from those purchased in a salon. On-line wigs will be shipped directly to your house. It is important that you understand the on-line store policy as you will want to be able to return it if different from what you had expected. All wigs look better when they have been thinned and sculpted to fit your face. I offer that service as well and will be happy to do that for you.  

   Additional Resources

Cold caps are an option that I wanted to make available to you as a possible solution for saving your hair. Although relatively new in this country, cold caps have been successfully used in Europe for the past 15 years.
If you’re interested in trying cold caps, talk to your doctor about all the factors that need to be taken 
into account, including your chemotherapy regimen and any other health issues you may have. 
Please contact me to learn more about this option.