Wig Design by Barbara Cameron

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QWhat do I bring to our first appointment?
AA picture of how you most love to wear your hair or the style you have always wanted to try.
QDo you have a large stock of wigs and how long does it take for me to get my wig customized?
AIn my shop I carry examples of every type of wig material and construction. In our first meeting we will choose from my inventory or from catalogs the perfect wig for you. If the wig must be shipped, it will take approximately one week. We then customize it for you.   
QHow long does it take to cut a wig and what is involved?
AThat depends. What makes a hair piece look “wiggy” is the simple fact that the hair is as dense at the ends as it is at the roots. Looking like a natural head of hair requires the hair piece to be thinned in a very specific way. It is then sculpted to fit your features and face shape. I prefer to have you as my last client of the day. I work on each hairpiece until we have created a natural look that is undetectable as a hairpiece and flattering in every way.
QWhat is your payment policy?
AI require 50% of the purchase price plus tax upon ordering the hair piece. The remainder is due on your final visit after your hair piece has been cut and customized.
QWhat if I don’t see my style in a catalog?
AI will order a wig that can be cut to exactly match the style you want.
QWhat if I am too ill to get to come to the salon?
AI prefer working in the salon because it has natural lighting and I equipped to work most easily there. However, I have helped clients choose wigs and cut hair pieces in hospitals, as well as private homes.
QCan I return a wig if I change my mind?
AIf we order a wig for you and you decide to cancel this purchase, I charge whatever costs I incur to return the wig to the manufacturer. Once we cut a wig, it is totally non-refundable.