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   Organic Hair Color

The women I know who are the most concerned with “health” are the women who have thinning hair or who are regrowing hair post treatment. I know that the Allnutrient organic color line is the most beautiful and long lasting line I have ever used but I wanted to know how truly safe it is. To that end, I used a cosmetic ingredient dictionary and carefully went through each and every ingredient in the line to personally determine the viability of the color. I can truthfully tell you that there are no known toxic properties in this line. Please understand-- people do have reactions to natural ingredients, but the toxic cancer causing ingredients that are found in so many colors and hair care products are something that we both will avoid with Allnutrient. 

Allnutrient colors are made with nano-technology. The molecules are so tiny that they penetrate the hair differently from traditional colors. 100% grey coverage can be achieved with 10 volume peroxide versus 20 volume peroxide used by traditional colors. 10 volume peroxide equates to 3% hydrogen peroxide which is exactly the same as the hydrogen peroxide you have purchased at the drug store to use on cuts. What that means to you is that the cuticle of your hair is not damaged and therefore your hair is stronger, less prone to damage and more beautiful. To learn even more about how this color works please visit CameronSalonCA.com where my video gives a complete explanation of the process. 

As a safe alternative to hair color, henna will absolutely put color on hair. Even though the results are marginal, here is the real problem. Henna coats the hair in a way that, over time, nothing can penetrate your hair. Conditioners can’t, perms can’t, absolutely nothing penetrates your hair again. The hair becomes very dry and brittle because it can no longer be fed with any external nutrition. Because hair is dead, beautiful hair requires replacement of keratin which diminishes over its life span. Henna is non-toxic but I can assure you that it is not your best choice.