Wig Design by Barbara Cameron

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Here I would like to introduce you to the integrated hairpieces or, simply called, hair toppers. They are a great solution for women with thinning hair.

Today's integration hairpieces are absolutely amazing. They are undetectable, lightweight, cool, and easy to put in. Even a woman who has never been skilled with her own hair can master this simple technique within a few attempts. The clips that attach the enhancements are designed to work with fragile hair and create little to no damage, even over time. The toppers are designed to enhance every length and style of hair. I have many pieces available, but also work with many distributors to find the right one for your need.  I then custom cut each integration hairpiece into your own style creating the appearance of a full and healthy head of hair.  Whether the best choice for you is human hair or synthetic, the result will be loving how your hair looks again and enjoying the confidence that you deserve.

Here are examples of women with and without integration hairpieces and the amazing results of their transformation. Don't wait, contact me to discuss available options and how you can love your looks again!